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Hard Chrome Plating

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Hard Chrome Plating
Deep tank chrome plating using deep plating tanks up to 14 ft. deep
Grinding ID - OD Centerless
External ( OD) Outside Diameter grinding (20" dia. x 120" long). Centerless grinding, and Internal (ID) Inside Diameter grinding 8" dia. x 120" long. We also grind shortened bores up to 36" diameter.
Oil and Gas Well Drilling Equipment Repair
Specifically Oil well rotors and gas well rotors for Oil well and Gas well drill motors up to 20 inches in diameter and 20 ft. long.
Performance Racing Components Repair
Custom built crankshafts and tie rods for Stock cars, Dragsters, and Indy Car.
Vintage Motorcycle Repair
Fork Tubes, Shock Repairs and more.
Hydraulic Equipment Repair
The hydraulics shafts, cylinders and sleeves for large commercial machines. Specializing in hydraulic cylinder repair, hydraulic equipment repair and hydraulic refurbishment.
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Hard Chrome Plating

At Electronic Chrome & Grinding Inc., we have specialty deep plating tanks for commercial applications to suit your deep tank chrome plating needs.

Hard chromium plating is chrome plating that has been applied as a fairly heavy coating (usually measured in thousandths of an inch) for wear resistance, lubricity, oil retention, and other wear resistant purposes. It is called hard chromium because it is thick enough that a hardness measurement can be performed on it and the chrome hardness can be measured, whereas thinner plating would break.

  • FOUR 6 ft. deep plating tanks
  • ONE 8 ft deep plating tank
  • ONE 12 ft deep plating tanks
  • ONE14 ft deep plating tank

Hard chrome plating is almost always applied to items that are made of steel, usually hardened steel. It is metallic in appearance not to be confused with decorative chrome plating

Hard chrome plating that we use is typically for camshafts, hydraulic arms, earth-moving equipment, oil and gas well drilling equipment, pump shafts, automotive high performance parts, for mud motors and rotors.
There are variations even within hard chrome plating, with some of the coatings optimized to be especially porous for oil retention.
At Electronic Chrome and Grinding Inc., we only do hard chromium plating because we serve only engineered, wear-type, needs. We also have the combination of ID - OD - Centerless grinding services that are required to go with the Deep Tank Chrome Plating.
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